Wow, Yes, Dragged Down By A Beast

and the brain damage they do might be permanent…and it wasn’t even a relationship.


My Ex & I Did This.

However, we did live together for a year before we got married.  Who’s have known we’d become a statistic?

Anymore, it seems men are more interested in having sex rather than establishing a quality relationship.  Its not where my own head’s been at.

It Was A Flipping Roman Catholic Commercial!

I will tell you this.  Not forgiving them doesn’t make me bitter or angry. In fact its a matter of preserving my own dignity and self pride.  This doesn’t make me prideful in the biblical sense for admonishment.  It makes me not a doormat and worthy in the eyes of my Savior.   The good Lord would never expect me to crawl for any man.  He would expect that a good man would never force me to crawl.  And this is proof the Dr. Sargent and Joe are not good men.

A Happy Report

The majority of mental health channels on youtube have been unsubscribed to.  It just seems like as far as it goes I know as much as I need to know.  There is Richard Grannon the life coach and Dr. Grande the mental health therapist that I’ll continue receiving notifications on. But that’s it.  Now I’m moving more into what is spiritually rewarding subscriptions.  Like gardening and so forth.  I’ll continue doing the work that needs to go on for personal growth, but the rest of the PTSD will be handled with my team and through the two channels I’ve just mention; Gannon and Grande.  Now that I’ve decided not to get into that Illuminati book because it will take me backwards, its clear I am moving forward with my right mind.  Its a relief.  Also I can see in the most recent video I am becoming myself again.  No ums, not hesitations, no loss of confidence.  My team (and the good tutorials on youtube) have helped me so much.  I am so very grateful for what we have available to learn.  We are truly blest.