There was a building in my hometown and no one knows what it was used for — Millenial Doldrums

I remember the first time I saw the old Scuba Shack. We had just moved into town not three days earlier, and there it was all by it’s lonesome out on the backroads on the way to the old high school. Flamboyant buoys and old oceanic ropes and lures hung in the windows. The sight […]

via There was a building in my hometown and no one knows what it was used for — Millenial Doldrums

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I Was Supposed To Die

COPYRIGHT PROTECTED. In 2004 my medical doctor began dumping psych drugs into me. In Feb. 2005 I had a textbook negative reaction to Ambien so that I did not sleep for 16 days. Even though I kept going to the doctor telling him that something was wrong he ignored me while he and his staff acted like I was there because I was either a stoned druggie or I had the irrepressible hots for him. On the 16th day my mom went to find out what he had been giving me. At his office she told him if he did not help me then she was going to call the cops to arrest him. What he did, then, was to mention the Ambien in his notes but reported that he was sending me to the hospital for being suicidal/homicidal and that I had told him I was going to kill my husband of 28 years. He was a liar. His name is Dr Robert Taylor Sargent Jr and he worked with his CEO who was a family member of his at Multicare in Kent, Washington. At the hospital (VOLUNTARILY) they helped me to get sleep, wonderful sleep. But what those 16 days without sleep did was to become a nightmare for me, but something the doctor was not going to help me to overcome. In his notes, that I was never supposed to see, he started writing things suggesting I was bi polar, inferring I might have a history of alcoholism and marital problems. And he began burying the Ambien incident. To cover up, he and Multicare unnecessarily gave me a total hysterectomy by originally telling me my uterus was in advanced stages of cancer and that I had only 3 to 6 weeks to live. At the same time they stopped the psych drug “treatment" they’d been dumping into me since late 2004. After the hysterectomy, in the follow up pelvic exam, they had security take me into an unlit room, surrounded me and told me to sign an edit agreeing to never return. At the same moment the medical doctor had my husband in his office interrogating him about me, but they never told him I was in the clinic or what they were doing to me. Even more, as if all of this wasn’t enough, they violated my patient’s rights to privacy in December 2005 by taking me to court, creating a false narrative they built a case against me that they could never prove. They used the symptoms I was suffering from the drugs, the unnecessary surgical removal of my female organs, and from the emotional trauma of it all to humiliate me and to publicly state that I was a danger to them. They completely violated my HIPAA rights to privacy, did not even request a closed case. They, Multicare, and the doctor’s family infiltrated my life, (and I have binders of evidence), and they began a smear campaign against me to cover up. They used gaslighting and psychological manipulation, hoping to push me to suicide. Even still they use what’s called future faking, baiting me to believe there is this greater purpose that will suddenly be revealed. Its very much like the Deep State story of the “indictments.” Its what will never happen, a psychological game of the powerful and privileged. The medical doctor and his relative CEO were former military officers. They are experienced at cover up, damage control, and blame shifting. Ultimately in 2007 one or another of them hired an existential Luciferian psycho analyst to sexually compromise me so that they could humiliate me further. But, when I told the guy. no, instead of letting it go, he raped me. Then he and his business partner stalked me, terrorized me, and has continued to make my life hell while making it appear they were the victims. All of them infiltrated my life, even my church and volunteer groups. I have the proof with emails and other communications between them that have been given to me by people trying to help. Most are staying anonymous, afraid for good reasons. They cost me my marriage, my career, my family, my home, and all of my belongings and assets, including my retirement. Today I live in poverty and on charity. In August 2018 they took me to court AGAIN, for the 5th or 6th time. I had a blog called Psychotropic Recovery that scripted I Was Supposed To Die. WordPress took down that blog, which the FBI said was their helping to cover up my chronological reporting of the harm they had been doing that went on for years. Doing this to patients is not uncommon for them. In 2018 the court tried to extradite me back to Seattle to face charges with hopes they could either put me into jail or into a mental institution, which is where the medical doctor’s crony psychiatrist father operated out of. Basically they were trying to steal my small social security pension while making me disappear. I was supposed to die a long time ago, like Rick, Misty and Lulu’s sister have died from this same practice. All of this that has been done has been to cover up their business. 💜✝💜 Only this past year (2018) have I become well enough to start gathering the official documentation that is now proving in more accurate details what has been done to me. There are investigations, medical records and all show a trail that goes from Multicare to Blue Cross Blue Shield to the police departments, and even to the courts, and it shows they had “friends” in my life reporting back to them about me. I’ve hoped to get the individuals and their entities to at least repay me for my financial losses, but the chances of that are slim. Therefore I’m writing a book exposing it all.

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